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Have you ever thought about a career in today's modern construction industry? There are a number of apprenticeship and training opportunities involving gypsum products.

What is drylining?

Drylining is the general term used to describe the construction of wall linings and partitions using sheets of wallboard together with a variety of framing systems. Systems range from simple internal walls for houses to complex constructions providing high performance fire and acoustic walls. It is a modern, fast and lightweight building technique used in all types of construction...and is one of the newest and fastest growing trades.

What is an NVQ in Internal Finishing (Drylining)?

An NVQ is a new type of qualification, which proves you have reached an expected standard in a certain type of work. The introduction of an NVQ in drylining now establishes it as a bona fide trade, with structured training and assessment. An NVQ is made up of a number of individual units, which can be achieved in any order. You don't even need to do all the units if you don't want the full NVQ.

Am I eligible to take an NVQ?

Anybody can take an NVQ, whether a novice or an experienced trades person. The flexibility of the NVQ qualification enables each individual to progress at a speed appropriate to their own educational and existing skill levels. The NVQ is equally suitable for the novice to begin a career in the construction industry and in drylining in particular.

Why should I take an NVQ?

Drylining used to be seen as a sub-division of joinery or plastering, but is now a fully recognised trade in its own right. Because of this, there is a definite shortage of skilled and qualified tradespeople. With an NVQ in Internal Finishing (Drylining) you will be entering an expanding trade, with good prospects and financial rewards.

How do I achieve an NVQ?

The NVQ qualification is gained by a series of assessments against certain criteria.

These assessments normally take place in a working environment, though they can take place having set up a project or work activity as a test piece. It is not like a traditional exam for which you must study and then sit a written test. Training is available via a comprehensive network of accredited Training Centres throughout the UK.